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Faculties and Specialties

Here is the list of faculties of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University:

Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology

Faculty of Engineering Education

Faculty of Information Sciences

Faculty of Foreign Philology

Faculty of Historic Education

Faculty of Special Education and Psychology

Faculty of graduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Psychology

Faculty of Politology and Law

Faculty of Retraining and Further Training of teachers

Faculty of Natural and Geographical Education and Ecology

Malyshko Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Literary Creativity

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Faculty of Philosophical Education and Science

Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

Faculty of sociology, psychology and management

Evening Faculty

Here is the list of available faculties and specialties:

1. Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology

1.      Preschool Education

2.      Elementary Education

3.      Secondary Education (Human Health)

4.      Practical Psychology

5.      Art, Decoration, Restoration

2. Faculty of Engineering Education

1.      Secondary Education  (Labor study and Technologies)

2.      Vocational Education (Computer technologies)

3.      Vocational Education (Food technologies)

4.      Vocational Education ( Light Industry Production Technologies)

5.      Vocational Education (Woodworking Technologies)

6.      Service sector (Hotel and restaurant business) as Professional Education.

7.      Vocational Education (Design).

3. Faculty of Special Education and Psychology

1.      Special Education (Nosology)

2.      Special Education (Logopedia)

3.      Special Medical Psychology

4. Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

1.      Secondary Physical Education

2.      Physical Rehabilitation

3.      Physical Education and Sport

5. Faculty of Philosophical Education and Science

1.      Philosophy

2.      Culture Study

3.      Design

4.      Religion Study

6. Faculty of Arts

1.      Music

2.      Secondary Education (Music)

3.      Choreography

7. Faculty of Psychology

     1. Counseling Psychology

     2. Coaching Psychology

     3. Rehabilitation Psychology

     4. Psychosomatic Medicine and Health Psychology

     5. Political Psychology

     6. Legal Psychology

     7. Social Psychology and Psychotherapy

     8. Family Psychology and Psychotherapy

8. Faculty of Historic Education

1.      Secondary Education (History)

2.      History and Archeology

9. Malyshko Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Literary Creativity

1.      Secondary Education (Ukrainian Language and Literature)

2.      Philology (Ukrainian Language and Literature)

3.      Journalism

10. Faculty of Foreign Philology

1.      Philology. Secondary education. Germanic languages

      English (With second foreign language); 

      English (With Ukrainian)

2.      Philology. Secondary Education. Germanic languages

     German (with English as second language)

3.      Philology. Secondary Education. Romanic LanguagesItalian, French, Spanish

     (with English as second language)

4.      Philology. Secondary Education. Slavic languages:

     Russian (with English as second language)

5.      Philology. TranslationGermanic languages:

     English (With second foreign language)

11. Faculty of Graduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies

1.      Education Sciences (Higher Education Pedagogics)

2.      Higher Education Institution And International Education Activity Management

12. Faculty of Sociology, Psychology and Management

1.      Sociology

2.      Psychology

3.      Social Work

4.      Social Work (Social Pedagogics)

5.      Social Welfare

6.      Organizational Management and Administration

7.      Management of Socio-Cultural Activities

8.      Economics

9.      Administrative Management

10.   Higher Education Institution Management

11.    Project Management

12.    System Analysis (Consolidated Information)

13. Faculty of Politology and Law

1.      Law

2.      Political Science

3.      Public Management and Administration

14. Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

1.      Math

2.      Secondary Education (Math)

3.      Physics and Astronomy

4.      Secondary Education (Physics)

15. Faculty of Information Sciences

1.      Secondary Education (Computer Science)

2.      Computer Science and Information Technologies

3.      Applied Mathematics

4.      Software Engineering

5.      Educational Measurement

16. Faculty of Natural and Geographical Education and Ecology

1.      Tourism

2.      Secondary Education (Chemistry)

3.      Secondary Education (Biology)

4.      Secondary Education (Geography)

5.      Ecology

17. Faculty of Retraining and Further Training of Teachers

1.      Informational, Librarial and Archival Studies

2.      Management (Advisory Service)

3.      Management (Innovation Management)

18. Evening faculty

1.      Language and Literature (English, German, French)

2.      Language and Literature (English, German). Translation.

3.      Psychology

4.      Special Education (Speech Therapy)

5.      Human Health

6.      Preschool Education (Postgraduate Studies)

7.      Primary Education (Postgraduate Studies)




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